Recreational Activities December 4, 2023

12 Days of Indoor Winter Activities

12 Days of Indoor Winter Activities

It’s that time of year again—school’s almost out, and parents are on the lookout for ways to keep their kids entertained indoors, especially here in Washington where the weather keeps us cooped up. Growing up in my house, this season meant a ton of indoor fun, all thanks to my mom. From December 1st through the 24th, my mom put together the most engaging Christmas crafts and activities that kept me and my four siblings entertained for hours. In that same spirit, here’s a list of 12 indoor winter activities to beat your winter boredom.

Build an Indoor Snowman with Everlasting Snow Dough

12 Days of Indoor Winter Activities Everlasting Snow Recipe

No need to wait for snow outside. With baking soda and white hair conditioner, you can create your own snowman. Head to the dollar store, grab a storage container, and add winter-themed items for a sensory bin that lasts all winter. The fun thing about this dough is it feels a little icy to the touch, lending more to realism of building a snowman. But, it’s not going to melt on you and you can keep it as long as it is kept clean. Bonus Tip: If you’re not into DIY, you can always purchase a pre-made bucket of Floof instead.

Make a Cardboard Gingerbread House Garland

12 Days of Indoor Winter Activities Cardboard Gingerbread House Garland

Use spare cardboard to cut out simple house shapes and add fine icing-like details with white puffy paint, or paint pens. Glue them to twine, and you’ve got a homemade gingerbread garland.

Graham Cracker Gingerbread House

Making a gingerbread house during the holiday season is a crowd-pleaser, with so many options on how to complete this project, you can’t go wrong. But because I was one of five kids, I tried to think of a budget friendly option; and I think this Graham Cracker Gingerbread House fits that bill. Depending on the ages of the kids you’re crafting with, you may want to consider putting this one together beforehand, and just letting them decorate the house itself.    

Melted Holiday Crayons

I feel like every household with a child ends up with that inevitable bag of partially used crayon bits. This year, don’t toss out those crayon nubs. Instead, gather them up and melt them down using a silicone winter-themed mold to create magical rainbow crayons. Leave space for a hole and turn them into ornaments or classroom gifts. This is a quick, simple, and budget friendly craft that provides more fun after completing. After all, who wouldn’t want to draw with a magical color changing crayon. 

Indoor Snowball Fight

Bring the snowball fight inside with indoor snowballs. They can be easily made with limited tools using things like a pom-pom maker or cardboard, yarn, and scissors. Here are links to a few helpful tutorials: 

Clover Pom-Pom Maker Tutorial

Cardboard Method Pom-Pom Tutorial

Hand Method Pom-Pom Tutorial

Build a Marshmallow Igloo

12 Days of Indoor Winter Activities Marshmallow Igloo

Use marshmallows and frosting to create an igloo. You can use a cup/bowl/toilet paper roll/plate as a base surface or connect marshmallows directly to one another. Let the kids enjoy nibbling on a few while they craft. Here’s a link to a video tutorial.

Upcycled Waterless Snow Globe

Instead of discarding used jars, clean them out and turn them into upcycled waterless snow globes. Get creative with salt for snow, pom-poms, and fishing line for a falling snow effect. You can use all kinds of found objects to fill your Snow Globe. So get innovative! Here are a few links to tutorials I found inspirational:

Upcycled Nutella Jar Tutorial

15 DIY Snow Globes That Are Completely Charming (and Totally Doable!)

DIY Pinecone Ornaments

12 Days of Indoor Winter Activities Pinecone Ornaments

This is a fun one that can involve an outdoor scavenger hunt to collect some supplies for it. I recommend that if you are planning to gather pinecones outdoors that you only take a small amount and leave plenty behind to fulfil its role in nature; or plan to gather a small amount from a few different areas. 

Traditional Paper Snowflakes

Grab paper or coffee filters for a classic night of snowflake making.

3D Paper Doily Snowflakes

12 Days of Indoor Winter Activities 3D Paper Doily Snowflakes

Purchase paper doilies, a glue stick, and string to create intricate hanging snowflakes without scissors. Here is a link to a tutorial!

DIY Cardboard Christmas Trees

12 Days of Indoor Winter Activities Cardboard Christmas Trees

Cut simple tree shapes from cardboard and assemble them for a simple and cost-effective Christmas craft. Afterwards, decorate as you see fit! Here’s a link to a Cardboard Christmas Tree tutorial.

Christmas Cookies

We always ended our Christmas crafting extravaganza with baking and decorating Sugar Cookies for Santa. So, that’s how I’m going to end this blog. Here is a link to Taste of Home’s “Our Best Sugar Cookie Recipes.”

As we wrap up these 12 Days of Indoor Winter Activities, I hope these creative and budget-friendly ideas bring warmth and joy to your home during the chilly Washington winter.

Just like my mom did for our family, make this season a magical time filled with laughter and indoor adventures. Whether you’re building snowmen with Everlasting Snow Dough or creating upcycled waterless snow globes, these activities are sure to keep your kids entertained and create cherished memories. So, gather your supplies, embrace the festive spirit, and let the winter wonder unfold within the cozy walls of your home. Happy crafting and happy holidays!


Kerriann Jenkins