Home & Garden March 1, 2024

The Secret to Selling Your Home

Is Making Your Home Less Personal the Secret to Selling It Quickly?

According to statistics, it seems so. However, like many things, there’s an art to it. When depersonalizing your home, it’s crucial to find a balance between making it less personal and not stripping away its warmth and humanity. The aim is to present your home as clean, inviting, and cozy, allowing potential buyers to envision a happy life in it. To achieve this, it’s recommended to declutter, organize, clean, and stage your home before listing photos are taken. Read a more in depth description of the secret to selling your home quickly below.

Here are the steps to achieve this:


Secret To Selling

While you may have grown accustomed to the lived in odors and oddities of your home, potential buyers may notice dust bunnies, kitchen grease, and mysterious stains. To avoid giving them a negative impression, take the time to deep clean your home before showcasing it.


Secret To Selling

If you’re considering a move, decluttering should be a priority. It not only reduces the items you’ll need to transport but also creates a sense of openness, making your home appear larger. A decluttered home allows architectural features to shine and suggests that the property has been well-maintained.


Secret To Selling

Humans naturally find comfort in organized spaces. It provides a sense of understanding, safety, and control. To read more about this theory I recommend you read this article. Organization can be a key selling point during an open house. Additionally, an organized home looks appealing in listing photos, which are crucial for attracting potential buyers.


Secret To Selling

Staging is essential to help buyers connect with the stories your home tells. While you can hire a professional, you can also stage your home yourself by following the first three steps. Simplify spaces, give each area a clear purpose, and clean. Consider the market climate; in a seller’s market, you might not need extensive efforts to attract attention, but thoughtful staging can still lead to a bidding war and higher payouts.

Completing these four steps gives you a solid foundation for a quick sale, and that’s the secret to selling.

Your realtor will work with you to make additional recommendations based on the current market conditions. Overall, this proven method can fast-track you to a successful and timely sale.



Kerriann Jenkins