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Level Up 2021

2020 is behind us and I’m sure you will agree that we bid it good riddance. Though it was hard on all of us to be separated from our families, friends and each other, we somehow managed to have an excellent year in terms of sales and keeping the virus out of our office. It’s really a tribute to all of our real estates agents professionalism and dedication to both their clients and co-workers. 

 Over the holidays I was able to spend some time with my grandson while he played his favorite video games. I was reminded of how video games are very much like life.  In the gaming world, at least the ones that are inherently competitive, the player moves through what seems like a never ending sequence of levels.  Each level is more difficult as the player conquers the previous one.  However, it is in the upward progression of levels that I see a direct correlation to life itself;  specifically in the mindset and skill set of the player.

 You see, as you move upward to the next level, the game becomes more difficult.  The next level is more intense and the player must now have a mindset that is more focused and determined.  His or her skill set will be challenged to a greater extent than the previous level.  And as the player becomes more skilled, combined with a winning mindset, they find success.  Slowly but surely, they get better and better at the new level they are playing, until they break through.  With each conquering comes the bounty. Yes, without exception, the games offer greater and greater rewards with each victory. 

 In life, when we UP our level, we become uncomfortable with the degree of difficulty we just put upon ourselves. It’s harder. We have to focus intently and improve our skill sets in order to navigate the new level.  There will be risk.  There will assuredly be failure.  But always, always, always………….rewards. 

Windermere Mill Creek has dedicated the new year to what we call LEVELUP2021.  We hope you will join us in challenging yourselves to up your level in whatever that may be.  It could be in your business life, family life or whatever.  But as the video games prove, the challenge is worth it.  As your mindset and skill sets continue to grow and improve, it is not possible to be the same person that you were as you progress through the levels of life.  That in itself is a great reward.