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Office News Spring Reading List Spring is here, spring is here, I’m so excited! Spring brings lots of new beginnings and new book choices from yours truly! Check them out, one is adventurous and the other is a thriller. As always let us know what you think! Visit there site here,     On Island Time: A Traveler’s Atlas, by […]
Community Skagit Valley Tulip Guide Skagit Valley Tulip Guide The Skagit Valley Tulips have become the undisputed royalty of blooms in Washington State! It’s no wonder, given their renown – in 2016, National Geographic voted them as the number one feature in their “Best Spring Trips” and in 2019, Celia Fernandez of Oprah Magazine named them number four in her […]
Community Cherry Blossom Trees at the University of Washington Cherry Blossom Trees at UW Here in Washington, we have a few celebrity flowers that have blossomed their own dedicated cult following. One of these blooms even has its own Twitter account and a year-round live feed webcam. That’s right! The beauty of the Cherry Blossom Trees at the University of Washington’s quad is a […]
Community Washington State Daffodil Guide A Washington State Daffodil Guide Washington State has a reputation for wielding moody gray skies. Given that, you may find it odd to learn that Washington is the largest supplier of daffodil bulbs and daffodil flowers in the United States. Such a sunny dispositioned flower may seem out of place here, but they thrive in […]
Events Kerloo Cellars Mill Creek Wine Walk Stop 11 Our 11th stop of the tasting took us to Lilac and Lemon to use our bonus token on a wine tasting with Kerloo Cellars. If you have stuck with us throughout our series, you will know that this was our final tasting of the event. Our rushed efforts were […]
Office News Wandering Wolf Cellars Mill Creek Wine Walk Stop #10 Our 10th stop of the evening took us to People’s Bank where we tried wines by Wandering Wolf Cellars. I will preface this review by stating that we were in a rush to complete our tastings before the evening ended. As a result, the tasting was brief. We didn’t […]
Office News Color the Year Viva Magenta 2023 Pantone Color of the Year Viva Magenta I remember seeing articles in 2022 about how the world was slowly losing color. When I stopped and thought about it, I realized there was some truth to that. Even I find myself drawn to neutral tones lately. While corporate machines and influencers have muted the world […]
Office News Winter Reading List Winter is here, and with a vengeance! Wow snow already twice this year and we haven’t even gotten through December yet….need a good book to read? Good thing I’ve got you covered. Here are my picks for you, one is inspiring and the other is a thriller.  As always let us know what you think! […]
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Office News Naches Heights Vineyard Wine Tasting Mill Creek Wine Walk Stop #9 Our ninth stop of the evening led us to Expedia CruiseShipCenters to taste wine by Naches Heights Vineyard. I remembered having their Crooked Red Blend at a prior wine walk and I enjoyed that. So naturally, I was looking forward to branching out and trying another wine by them. […]
Office News Dahlman Cellars Mill Creek Town Center wine walk stop #8 We traveled to familiar territory for stop number eight on our creative team’s wine walk. Our very own Windermere Mill Creek Town Center office was hosting Dahlman Cellars. I was excited to try their wine because I had missed out on tasting them at the last wine […]
Office News 10 Christmas Décor Boards It’s Christmas Time! Alright, enough time has passed from Thanksgiving that I feel comfortable announcing- IT’S CHRISTMAS TIME! Whether you have been naughty or nice, the holiday season is upon us! Since Christmas decorations started twinkling their way into shopping aisles long before Halloween even began, I have had plenty of time to look at […]
Office News Free Christmas Events Free Christmas Events There are a lot of cool things happening this Christmas season. But the rising cost of EVERYTHING these days has put the financial freeze on many of us. Meaning, many will not be able to afford unnecessary holiday events this year. To keep your holly jolly vibes going strong throughout the holiday […]
Office News Martedi Cellars Tasting Mill Creek Town Center Summer Wine Walk Stop #6 If you have been reading along you know that for the most part, our wine walk had gone very favorably; but at stop number 6 I got a little too adventurous with my drink choice. Martedi Cellars had several wines I had never heard of before […]
Office News Navarre Coulee Wine Tasting Mill Creek Wine Walk Stop #5 At stop number five of our wine walk we sampled wines by Navarre Coulee at Artisan Custom Framing. Apart from attending events at the Mill Creek Town Center, I haven’t ever been inside of Artisan Custom Framing long enough to take in all their stock. However, this time around […]
Office News Halloween Movie Road Trip Washington Halloween Movie Road Trip  In the fall Washington state dusts off its veil of fog and wears it on and off like a child who can’t wait for Halloween throughout the fall months. In my opinion, Washington’s dark, damp, and chilly nature creates the perfect amount of spooky atmospheric ambiance. This makes Washington the […]
Office News Pumpkin Carving Hacks The Anatomy of Pumpkins Let’s face the facts. As fun as carving a pumpkin can be, the process can also be a LOT of work. You start out at the pumpkin patch or buy your pumpkin at a store. Bring it home. Clean it off. Saw open the top to reveal meaty orange flesh, sticky […]
Office News Michael Florentino Cellars Wine Mill Creek Town Center Summer Wine Walk Stop #4 Our creative team of tasters almost missed stop number four because it was located off to the side of main street, but we doubled back to taste Michael Florentino Cellars wine hosted at Divaforeva Lashes. Brief Background on Michael Florentino Cellars Since I have already written […]
Events Julian Margot Wine Tasting Mill Creek Town Center Summer Wine Walk Stop #3 I love cheese. Sounds like a random statement taken out of context but when we made our third pit stop at First Financial Northwest Bank, they had laid out a charcuterie platter of meats, cheeses and fruits and I had to indulge in a few of […]
Events Bayernmoor Wine Tasting Bayernmoor Wine Tasting Stop #2 We spent our second ticket from the Mill Creek Town Center Summer Wine Walk at Zeek’s Pizza for a Bayernmoor wine tasting. When we walked in their long beer list caught my eye and drew my attention down to the Bayernmoor wine on their serving counter. I overheard the sommelier […]
Office News Fall Reading List Fall is upon us whether we like it not, I preferably am not ready because I LOVE summer in the PNW! Fall is perfect though for a cozy cup of coffee or tea and a good book to read. I have some really great books picked for you, one is a thriller and the other […]