Office News December 2, 2021

Winter Reading List

These are my reading picks through the Winter. I hope you enjoy them along with other reading options through Sno-Isle Libraries which is open for in person services. All online services and resources continue to be available as well. Visit there site here,


Before the Ruins by Gosling, Victoria

“It’s the summer of 1996 and school’s out forever for Andy, her boyfriend Marcus, her best friend Peter, and Em. When Andy’s alcoholic mother predicts the apocalypse, the four teenagers decide to see out the end of the world at a deserted manor house, the site of a historic unsolved mystery. There they meet David – charming and unreliable, he seems to have appeared out of nowhere. David presents an irresistible lure for both Andy and Peter and complicates the dynamics of their lifelong friendship. When the group learns that a diamond necklace, stolen fifty years ago, might still be somewhere on the manor grounds, the Game – half treasure hunt, half friendly deception – begins. But the Game becomes much bigger than the necklace, growing to encompass years of secrets, lies, and, ultimately, one terrible betrayal.”


Bad River by Cotton, Ralph W.

Arizona Ranger Sam Burrack is back-and hot on the trail of the worst desperados in two countries. Following a tip from a prisoner in Yuma Penitentiary, Ranger Sam Burrack is riding to the Mexican Valley to hunt down the Cowboy Gang, notorious bandits who have topped the Most Wanted list for the past year. The crooks have fled to Rio Malo and settled in under the protection of corrupt town officials. Now, with new recruits including the infamous Russian assassin Kura Stabitz, they’re robbing banks and trains on both sides of the border.



I hope you enjoy the books I have chosen for you to read. Visit to view other wonderful books that are available. All online services and resources continue to be available. Sno-Isle Libraries are offering in-building services. Visit there site here,




written by Chasity Rodriguez

Social Media Director