Office News August 24, 2022

Washington Wine Month

Washington Wine Month

August is Washington Wine Month. Well, one of them anyways. As it turns out both March and August are recognized as Washington Wine Month in this grape state. Though, I have been too distracted in my personal life to realize it until the near end.

I Unintentionally Passed Through Wine Country This Month

Horse Heaven Hills as seen from the inside of my car.

While road tripping last week, I sat passenger as we drove through Washington wine country. I got to see firsthand green leafed tailored tendrils of grape vines that had climbed their way up manmade structures. They blurred past us as we drove by. We passed the rust weathered Horse Heaven Hills sign and through what looked like a barren land of sun-bleached grass blowing in the wind. I wondered how growers and winemakers looked at that place and thought to grow there. Then we drove across the Astoria Bridge, and I took in the Columbia River’s vastness for the first time. I grew a deeper appreciation for grape growing and wine production just by passing through the area. Someday I’ll have to stop and actually experience it.

There’s Still Time to Celebrate!

As happenstance occurs the Mill Creek Town Center is hosting another wine walk this Saturday August 27th from 4-7pm. They will be featuring wine from:

Photo Courtesy of Mill Creek Town Center

There are eight new winemakers’ wares to sample at this event and the weather is set to be mildly better than last time. The best part is this event supports Washington Winemakers and businesses. You can click here to read reviews from our experiences at the Spring Mill Creek Wine Walk.

It’s A Great Month to Buy Local

If you are in the Snohomish County area one local business to check out for purchasing Washington made wine is Town & Country Markets. They have 6 locations in Washington State. Specifically referring to the one on Main Street in Mill Creek, they have an entire aisle of Washington State crafted wine. Of course, there are plenty of other places to buy local and it’s always a great time to do that. So, celebrate Washington Wine Month and grab yourself local wine from a local vendor!