Office News June 8, 2022

Funko Pop Everett Headquarters

Pop in for a visit at the Funko Pop Everett Flagship Store

Nestled in the heart of downtown Everett there is an eye-catching building on Wetmore Avenue that is worth a visit. It is the building with the GIANT pop culture figures towering over passerby’s like colorful cartoon stylized gargoyles from the rooftop of a 17,000 sq. ft. flagship store. These characters are also accompanied by an emblazoned marquee sign that reads FUNKO. In my opinion, this store is hard to miss and even harder to miss out on. If you haven’t guessed it yet, it’s the Funko Pop Everett retail store!

A Brief History on Funko

For those of you who don’t know, Funko is a company that was founded in Snohomish Washington in 1998 & since its inception has taken the fandom world by storm with their Funko Pop signature stylized collectible vinyl figurines. Funko Pops depict characters and recognizable public figures within the pop culture universe. The pops are loveably big-headed and wide eyed and come in a variety of sizes from 3.75-18 inches and range in price from $8.99 on up.

Featured Fandoms at Funko Pop Everett Headquarters

Funko’s Everett store is worth a visit for collectors and photo-op enthusiasts alike. Every inch of the store has been meticulously staged to draw you into a perfectly curated pop culture universe. Walk straight in and turn right and you can have your own run in with a leviathan sized POP Godzilla. If that doesn’t entice you there are other fandom realms to see. Wetmore Forest for instance, houses cuddlier creatures and pays homage to Wetmore Avenue where the store is located. There is also: a Batcave, Arkham Asylum, Hogwarts, Disney-land and massive Marvel pops. If you are feeling brave enough you can chill inside the Wampa’s icy cavern and see what terrors await you inside the Star Wars Universe. Regardless of where you pose all your photo backdrops will be gram worthy! 

Funko Pop Everett Featured Merchandise

Funko has obtained many licensing rights and will continue to expand their fandom reach for the foreseeable future. In addition to their vinyl figurines, they also have an assortment of merchandise like games, Loungefly apparel, and makeup. As if ALL these things weren’t reason enough to drop in for a visit, Funko has a unique in person pop-portunity that is exclusive to their Everett & Hollywood locations. Using their POP! Your Peeps digital booth you can make a pop figurine of yourself, a loved one or any other person you can dream up.

Go POP Yourself at Funko Pop Everett HQ Retail Store

I have done two variations of pop customization at the Everett Funko store. It started with a Freddy Funko monster known in my house as “Dog Boy Freddy.” In place of the Build-a-Freddy factory there is now a 4 screened kiosk where you can Pop! People! When I went last I created a Pop! avatar of myself. With the touch of a screen I had access to seemingly endless skin tones, outfits, hairstyles and accessory combinations. I even got to personalize my own Pop! box. For $25 (pre-tax) it was a well worth it experience. My Pop! Kerriann sits on my mantle alongside my family pops but may have to make her way to my office desk at some point. 

What to Know before You Go!

Every time I visit the store it seems like Funko has dreamed up something new. Whether it be merchandise, a Funko Exclusive release, or a pop customization experience. I recommend grabbing a price list before you wander too far into the store because only the Loungefly merchandise is regularly priced. Also, dress in layers because occasionally the line to get into the store can wrap the outside of the building. Lastly, if you want to avoid crowds check Funko’s social media pages to make sure you avoid going on a special release day. Regardless, rain or shine, I say the Everett Funko store is worth a Pop-in!



blog written by Kerriann Jenkins

Creative Team