Office News July 8, 2022

Seattle Seahawks 12 for 12s


Saying Goodbye is Never Easy Even for the Seattle Seahawks


The 2021 season put the Seattle Seahawks and 12s everywhere on the pyre. They lit the match when they closed their season in unfamiliar territory without a playoff berth. Adding fodder to the flames, star quarterback Russell Wilson was traded to the Denver Broncos and icon linebacker Bobby Wagner was released during offseason. These moves brought a close to Seattle’s Super Bowl championship roster.


It’s a Good thing for the Seattle Seahawks & 12s we still have Coach Pete Carroll


Though it can be painful, sometimes it is better to get rid of pieces that no longer serve their purpose. Endings are a natural part of new beginnings. All the Seahawks need is a single spark to reignite them into glory and you had better believe that somewhere among the embers head coach Pete Carroll has been making the necessary moves for a complete rebuild and preparing his new Seahawks roster to rise renewed and greater than ever before from the ashes of his former team.


Windermere Real Estate & Windermere Mill Creek are Proud to be the Official Real Estate Company of the Seattle Seahawks


While we learn to trust the process here are 12 things 12s can do to prep for the upcoming season:


  1. Respectfully, it’s time to retire your 3 Jerseys. I plan to put my daughter’s Wilson jersey into a shadow box alongside her Lynch and Chancellor jerseys.
  2. Visit your nearest pro shop and gear up with 2022’s newest offerings. I’m personally eyeing the Women’s WEAR by Erin Andrews White/College Navy Seattle Seahawks Pullover Sweater.
  3. Visit and sync games to your calendar.
  4. Purchase Training Camp tickets but act fast because dates are already filling up! I’ve already purchased mine!
  5. Re-subscribe to your favorite NFL streaming service. If you’re anything like my family you’ve ditched cable long ago. We only have streaming services other then Netflix during Seahawks season.
  6. Watch the Seahawks new Docuseries: The Sound of the Seahawks on the team’s YouTube channel or on
  7. Update your favorite gameday tailgate recipes. I was lucky enough to come across the 1983 Seattle Seahawks Gridiron Cookbook shared in its entirety by the Seattle PI but there are a lot of newer recipes I found on Pinterest to check out as well.
  8. Don’t forget to decorate your Hawks nests at home! I found home decorations for the minimalist Seahawks fan and the maximalist Seahawks fan on Pinterest. 
  9. If you’re of age, stock up on Seattle Seahawks themed spirits to raise your spirits! Here are a few HawkAholic beverages I found on Pinterest.
  10. Warm up your vocal cords for cheering by singing along to the Seattle Seahawks Training Camp playlist on Spotify. I linked the playlist from last year but I will update the link once the 2022 playlist is put up.
  11. Listen to Seattle Seahawks Podcasts on Spotify!
  12. Practice your Touchdown celebration! If you need some inspiration check out this Seahawks celebration from 2019!


Get Ready to yell GO HAWKS!


The Seahawks are slated to travel more than any other team this year. That coupled with the challenges of finding a new groove with their unannounced quarterback is enough to leave any fan questioning their fate. Luckily for us all, Pete Carroll has a proven track record of building a winning franchise and coaxing talent from unexpected players. This is an exciting time to be a Seahawks fan! So, stand up, cheer loud and watch the Seahawks rise again!




Blog written by Kerriann Jenkins