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Blue Fox Drive-in Theater

The Blue Fox Drive-in Theater is Worth the Price of Admission

As a kid I spent many-a-day waiting for dusk to settle upon the farmlands in the outskirts of Oak Harbor to watch the opening credits roll across the Blue Fox Drive-in Theater screen. For a kid in a small town there was no greater bighearted adventure then go-karts and a double feature running against the backdrop of a wide-open night sky. Butter soaked popcorn, a brick of curly fries in hand and staying up all night. It was what summer was all about.

Blue Fox Drive-in has been in Operation since 1959

The Blue Fox Drive-in was originally opened in 1959 yet this theater is anything but antiquated. They have survived the end of the drive-in era. The Blue Fox has even endured a windstorm in the late 90’s that completely wiped out their viewing screen. Through the decades they have continued to rebuild and bring modern fun to a nostalgic bit of Whidbey Island history. So, what continues to drive customers to their lot?

Screenshots taken from @bluefoxdrivein on Instagram

The Blue Fox Continues to Grow while Keeping Activities Affordable

Admission is low. Cash prices currently run from free to $6.50 per person depending on your age bracket. Though, the Blue Fox has more than just movies to offer. The drive-in also has go-karts, an arcade, a snack bar and even a beer garden named the Backlot Tavern. But that’s not where the movie magic stops. In the past they have also hosted fun events like a 4th of July fireworks show, glow-karting, hosted the Christmas Village, and trunk-o-treating. Moreover, the Blue Fox Drive-in is well-behaved dog and responsible dog owner friendly. They even offer overnight camping to protect their patrons from nodding off on their drive home after a late night showing. 

The Show MUST Go On!

To round things up. Whether you drive solo, bring a date, your family or your pet, Blue Fox Drive-in Theater is a lively piece of Americana that should be on your list of to-do activities! From the comfort of your own car you can control your experience separate from other moviegoers. They have great food too! They even rent radios and keep a battery jumper onsite to help keep customer cars in running order. The drive-in is open year-round so if you are looking for something fun to do in the evenings give it a try. The Blue Fox is a true Oak Harbor gem and deserves your business!

Please Visit the official website for the Blue Fox Drive-in Theater for current prices, rules and camping information!

You can also check them out on Facebook or Instagram @bluefoxdrivein.   



Blog written by Kerriann Jenkins

Kerriann of Windermere Mill Creek