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31 Happy Halloween Home Finds

31 Happy Halloween Home Finds

Summer hasn’t even ended yet, but Halloween home decorations have started haunting retail store aisles everywhere. I have seen spooktacular items materializing at Bath & Body Works, Target, Marshalls, the Disney store, and Michaels. In fact, some of the more viral items for sale have already sold out online. With that in mind, here is a list of 31 happy Halloween home finds for haunts who want to be the ghost with the most this year to get their hands on before all the treats disappear.

Halloween Home Finds Eyeball Pedestal 31 Happy Halloween Home Finds

Credit: Bath & Body Works

1.) Water Globe Eye Pedestal 3-Wick Candle Holder at Bath & Body Works $69.95

This is something I have my own eye set upon. It was sold out when I originally came across it and it is back in stock at the time I am writing this. This water globe lights up, has swirling glitter and an eyeball that spins 360 degrees to keep its sights set on you all Halloween long. If you can get over the EEK pricing it is an awesome piece to add to any Halloween display.

Bath & Body Works Light-Up Monster Tree Pedestal 31 Happy Halloween Home Finds

Credit: Bath & Body Works

2.) Light-Up Monster Tree Pedestal at Bath & Body Works $69.95

I have a thing for spooky trees. It probably originates from the 90’s when Disney dropped Disney’s Sing-Along Songs: Disneyland Fun and the Halloween anthem Grim Grinning Ghosts came into my life. This tree is an unintentional nod to my childhood conditioning. It has a scary face that glows green and huge sell out potential.

Bath and Body Works Witch Hand Pedestal 31 Happy Halloween Home Finds

Credit: Bath & Body Works

3.) Witch Hand Pedestal at Bath & Body Works $49.95

This wonderful oddity went viral last year and quickly sold out. Now it is back for the 2022 season and ready to lend a helping hand to your Halloween home display. It gives off Thing from the Addams Family vibes and would make the perfect hand-servant for your home.

Bath & Body Works Ivy Hand Foaming Soap Holder 31 Happy Halloween Home Finds

Credit: Bath & Body Works

4.) Ivy Hand Gentle Foaming Soap Holder at Bath & Body Works $24.95

This Ivy Hand gentle foaming soap holder is new for the 2022 season. It has also gone viral and is currently out of stock online. So I wish you good luck in getting your clutches on it.

TikTok #ghostrug screenshot 31 Happy Halloween Home Finds

Credit: TikTok #ghostrug

5.) Loloi Ghost Spirited Runner Area Rug found in Store at HomeGoods, Marshalls, & TJ MAXX $25.00

#ghostrug is trending at 12.3M views on tiktok and doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Loloi’s Ghost Spirited Runner is a ghoul gone viral. Originally, a 2021 wonder this specter has returned for the 2022 Halloween season. The 20×60 area rug can be found treasure hunt style at HomeGoods, Marshalls and TJ MAXX in store. If you happen upon it, I recommend you buy it, before it gets spirited away!

31 Happy Halloween Home Finds

Credit: Tiktok #ghostrug

6.) Rachel Zoe Ghost Blankets at HomeGoods, Marshalls & TJ MAXX $24.99

Adorable ghost items seem to be plentiful at HomeGoods, Marshalls & TJ Maxx this year. This Rachel Zoe Ghost blanket comes in 3 different color variations and has also gone viral. It reminds me of the ghosts from Pacman. They are simple and cute and ready for a cuddle if you can find them.

Skelly Home Depot 12 Ft Skeleton 31 Happy Halloween Home Finds

Credit: Home Depot

7.) 12 ft Giant-sized Skeleton with LifeEyes (TM) LCD Eyes at Home Depot $299.00

Home Depot single handedly saved the 2020 Halloween season when they unveiled Skelly, their GIANT lovable 12ft Skeleton. He is a deserved viral sensation who sells out the second he hits the store sales floor. Skelly has inspired some of the coolest Halloween home displays I have ever seen. I have seen armies of smaller skeletons crumbling before Skelly’s feet strewn about lawns and I have seen skeletons bowing down at Skelly’s feet in other displays.

Home Depot 31 Happy Halloween Home Finds

Credit: Home Depot

8.) 12 ft Giant-Sized Inferno Pumpkin Skeleton with LifeEyes(TM) LCD Eyes at Home Depot $379.00

Skelly went over so well that in 2021 Home Depot released a larger than life-sized companion for him. The 12ft Inferno Pumpkin Skeleton features a flame illuminated mouth and chest and moving LCD eyes that cast their eerie glow upon viewers. This skeleton rendition has rotting flesh covered bones and a menacing smile. He will be the perfect focal point in any display. Unfortunately, just like Skelly, the Inferno Pumpkin Skeleton is currently sold out online.

Target 31 Happy Halloween Home Finds

Credit: Target

9.) Ghoulish Garden Boo Bells Halloween Artificial Plant-Hyde & EEK! Boutique at Target $20.00

I have loved Target’s Ghoulish Garden monster plants since I first laid my eyes upon them. For the last 3 years, they have released new additions to their Ghoulish Garden that look like something right out of The Little Shop of Horrors. This year Target continues to grow their glamorous and playful garden by planting jewel toned monster plants in their aisles. The ghost-shaped accents on this one are downright adorable.

Disney Haunted Mansion Pillow 31 Happy Halloween Home Finds

Credit: ShopDisney

10.)The Haunted Mansion Throw Pillow at Disney $34.99

Is this haunted pillow actually stretching? Or is it your imagination — hmm? Disney’s Haunted Mansion Throw Pillow features the infamous Haunted mansion stretching portraits on one side and the Haunted Mansion wallpaper on the reverse side. You’ll have to visit the site daily and enchant the spirits to buy this one online though because it has already sold out.

31 Happy Halloween Home Finds

Credit: ShopDisney

11.) The Haunted Mansion Weighted Throw at Disney $74.99

Disney boasts “you’ll love being buried under this weighted Haunted Mansion throw featuring the wallpaper pattern found at the popular attraction. Filled with glass beads and weighing in at 12lbs, it’s designed to reduce stress and aid relaxation so you’ll be able to rest in peace.” This is another 2022 spooky season find you’ll have to hope comes back in stock if you don’t plan to visit Disneyland.

31 Happy Halloween Home Finds

Credit: Shop Disney

12.) The Haunted Mansion Bookend Set- Walt Disney World at Disney $44.99

If you were dead set on getting your hands on something from the Haunted Mansion here is an item that is still in stock online! The Haunted Mansion Bookend Set is a pair of replica headstones from the Haunted Mansion graveyard that feature Dear Departed Brother Dave and Good Old Fred.

31 Happy Halloween Home Finds

Credit: Hallmark

13.) Disney Hocus Pocus Black-Flame Flameless Candle at Hallmark $44.99

I’m summoning all Hocus Pocus fans with this black flame candle. If you have ever dreamed of being the one to light the black flame candle then this is the Halloween home find that you have been missing.  Virgins beware! I have a feeling we will be seeing a lot more Hocus Pocus items flying in since Hocus Pocus 2 releases September 30th!

Home Depot Jack Skellington 31 Happy Halloween Home Finds

Credit: Home Depot & Gemmy

14.) 6.5 ft Animated Disney Jack Skellington Halloween Animatronic at Home Depot $199.99

Everybody hail to the Pumpkin King! Home Depot knew what they were doing when they created a 6.5 ft lifelike animatronic of Jack Skellington. Whether you think Nightmare Before Christmas is a Halloween movie, a Christmas movie, or an all year long movie you should try to get your hands on this Bone Daddy! Jack’s hands, fingers and mouth all move when his motion detector sensors pick up movement. He also sings Jack’s Lament.

Home Depot Sally animated 31 Happy Halloween Home Finds

Credit: Home Depot & Gemmy

15.) 6 ft Animated Deluxe Lifesize Sally Halloween Animatronic at Home Depot $199.99

What would a Skeleton King be without his Skeleton Queen? Fittingly, Home Depot is also selling a 6-foot Sally animatronic. Like Jack, Sally has a moves her head and arms and sings Sally’s Song. She is an enchanting ragdoll come to life and perfect for any Tim Burton fan!

Credit: Home Depot & Gemmy

16.) 6 ft Animated Life-Sized Oogie Boogie Halloween Animatronic at Home Depot $229.00

If villainy is your thing then this Halloween home find is for you. Oogie Boogie is animated similar to Jack and Sally. He moves, sways, lights up and sings Oogie’s Song. He may even be harder to get your hands on because he is currently out of stock online. You’ll have to take a gamble and go in person to see if he’s at your local Home Depot.

Credit: BoxLunch

17.)Disney The Nightmare Before Christmas Zero Mood Light – BoxLunch Exclusive $26.90 (on sale for $16.14)

BoxLunch has turned my favorite ghost dog into a spirit lamp. Zero, Jack Skellington’s ghost dog is here to light your Halloween way! He runs off batteries and has an automatic shut off feature to conserve power. Best part is, he is in stock AND on sale!
haunted living 12-ft lighted animatronic mummy lowes

Credit: Lowes

18.) Haunted Living  12-ft Lighted Animatronic Mummy at Lowes $348.00

Are you looking to grow your larger than life Halloween collection? Look no further, because this find is for you! Following the HUGE success Home Depot had with Skelly, Lowes released their very own 12ft eerie skeleton mummy. He moans, he glows 4 colors, he flickers and he is posable. What’s not to love about that?

Disney Halloween Village Costco

Credit: Costco

19.) Disney Halloween Town 12 Piece Set at Costco $99

Costco teased this 12 piece spooky town filled with classically dressed Disney Halloween characters back in May. I was fortunate enough to come across the physical display in stores and it is adorable. I am not surprised it is already sold out online and was removed from their website. If you want it, you’ll have to hunt it down in person.

Credit: Wayfair

20.) 6′ H Slender Black Artificial Fir Christmas Tree with 100 LED Lights at Wafair $141.99

I am a fan of blending Christmas into Halloween decorations. But it needs to be spooky, of course. This Halloween you can bring home this evergreen tree turned a scary shade of black and topped with eerie orange glowing lights!

Credit: Michaels

21.) Black Bat Halloween Throw Pillow by Ashland at Michaels $34.99

Sometimes Halloween décor can be subtle and glamorous. I noticed while browsing their website, Michaels has gone heavy handed in the glam Halloween category this year. They also have great coupons, so if you are looking to buy this piece make sure to check out the coupons they are offering.

Credit: Michaels

22.) Gatsby Halloween Welcome Wall Sign by Ashland at Michaels $29.99

This welcome sign is seemingly innocent but foreshadows more sinister happenings yet to come.  If you’re looking to create a dark romance themed room this will work perfectly for you!

Credit: Michaels

23.) 16″ Coffin Tabletop Shelf by Ashland at Michaels $34.99

The Coffin Tabletop Shelf at Michael’s has the potential to be as spooky or as glamorous as you want to make it be. It would be perfect for showing off tiny potions and oddities or for housing monster plants. The possibilities are endless.

Credit: Spirit Halloween

24.) Sandworm Greeter – Beetlejuice at Spirit Halloween $44.99

This officially licensed Beetlejuice Sandworm Greeter will get your trick-or-treaters to jump in line and rock their body in time. Beetlejuice is another beloved Halloween icon ready to haunt your halls this Halloween!

Credit: Spirit Halloween

25.) Light-Up LED Mantel Scarf – Hocus Pocus at Spirit Halloween $16.99

Spruce up your home with this Light-Up LED Mantel Scarf featuring images of non-other then the Sanderson Sisters! I have a feeling it won’t be in stock very long once the Hocus Pocus 2 movie comes out.

Credit: Marshalls

26.) LIGHT YOUR PATH 37in Witch Fire Screen at Marshalls $59.99

Even though this Witch Fire Screen is marketed as a fireplace cover, it has potential to be so much more! I can see this being a good backdrop to put behind pumpkins or any Halloween display you can dream up.

Credit: Pottery Barn

27.) Pre-Lit Black Glitter Branch Wreath with Bats at Pottery Barn $59.00

This bat wreath is designed in Pottery Barn’s classic traditional style. If you’re not a big fan of Halloween fandoms and lean more into the traditional Halloween classic look then this wreath is perfect for you. It leans a little more into old magical glamour styling with just enough of a touch of whimsy to keep it interesting.

Credit: Amazon

28.) Mindscope Jabberin Jack Talking Animated Pumpkin with Built in Projector & Speaker Plug’n Play on Amazon $59.99

Now this was a truly fun find! Mindscope’s Jabberin Jack Talking Animated Pumpkin sings and talks and provides 3 unique characters programmed with 9 songs and 120 lines of jokes and phrases. You can select from Spooky, Traditional or Goofy settings and watch Jabberin’ Jack come to life from the short throw projector inside of his pumpkin shell. Kids will love this one.

Credit: Big Lots

29.) LED & Sound Color-Changing Haunted House at Big Lots $25.00

You can’t go wrong with a classic spooky haunted house. This one can be found at Big Lots for a reasonable low price. It lights up and shows off creepy figures in its windows and plays spooky sounds.

48" Enchanted Broom Animated Decor Big Lots

Credit: Big Lots

30.) 48″ Enchanted Broom Animated Decor at Big Lots $35.00

If you want to sweep your guests off of their feet then you need this broom! It comes to life through sound or touch and would be a great whimsical addition to your home for Halloween!
Lowes Mickey Mouse Halloween Light Up Blow Mold

Credit: Lowes

31.) Disney  2-ft Lighted Mickey Mouse Blow Mold at Lowes $49.98

You have to hunt down this mouse for your house this Halloween. The Lowes Mickey Mouse Blow Mold figure lights up and looks dapper enough to usher your guests in at your doorway. Whether tricks or treats await them inside is up to you! Lowes also has a matching Minnie Mouse Blow Mold figure if you think your Mickey needs a friend.

Get It Or Get Ghosted

This year the spectral spooks of Halloween showed up unconventionally early. The demand is high and the supply is low. Whether or not you like the commercialism factor of holidays the hot ticket items are already sold out. If there is something on our list of 31 happy Halloween home finds that you’re dying to get your hands on you had better get it before you get ghosted.




Blog Written by: Kerriann Jenkins

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